Macedonian graduates

Elena Sotirovska
Condemned: built up several fights with the security guys at the concerts of Enrique Iglesijas to mount the stage, the mysterious disappearance of turquoise from the Paris antique shop and stolen millions of nail varnish.
Pardoned: for constant rationality and pricipielnost, recognizable diligence, sense of humor and positive spirit always transformed into a stylish and distinctive look.

Dragan Naumcheski
Condemned: because too many illegal "sexy" views, disturbing the neighborhood with loud music and house maintenance sexy in town to unauthorized time.
Pardoned: for positive mood and hundreds of "free hugs" always given away with a smile on his youthful face.

Nikolina Siljanovska
Condemned: a few quarrels with security for its people svoeglavost and rebellion, without persiranje "means" trying to enter the sports hall to play basketball.
Pardoned: for extraordinary wit and positive energy, justice and sociability, and to prove that the world still there is intelligent and witty blonde.

Martin Mojsoski
Condemned: for hundreds of lawsuits by world famous impersonators and actors consider it a terrible competition from several families whose members passed out from laughing listening to his imitations.
Pardoned: for original stylistic sense and creative ideas, impressive eccentricity and "famous" booked a place in Hollywood that such multitalent hardly wait.

Aleksandar Kuzmanoski
Condemned: a few fights because of his stubbornness, irritability and defiance, theft of several guitars and rock albums from the local music shop.
Pardoned: for his nezasitenost of new information, theorems and equations, exhibition of promise to become electrical engineer and finally to arrive at an agreed place on time.

Cristian Rusu
Condemned: smuggling of all possible kinds of world famous chocolate and recipes for preparing gourmet specialties, and avoided the police interrogations because it lazy to go.
Pardoned: for maximum relaxation and flegmatichnost the crisis for his headphones and good music and distinctive skill tragic to bring the comic element.

Thyme Gorgijoska
Condemned: excessive corrections for illegal personal drawings and paintings of famous artists and several packages stolen chalks spent drawing sketches of physics.
Pardoned: for his abmicioznost, cute and quiet nature, positive smile optimistichnite thoughts and beautifully crafted models for leisure.

Risto Efremoski
Condemned: a few stolen and illegally resold works Pwotin, Pwotagora and Aristotle, illegal downloading of several teaching jobs and smuggling of "gold".
Pardoned: Award to resolve any ambiguous tasks, recognizable talent for clarification of issues, generosity and Cup "smiley" which has at any time.


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